The culture of your company sets the mood & personality of your brand. We create new identities & refresh existing ones to reflect the uniqueness of your company. It is common interests that entice people to gather together. Seeking the foundation that conveys your brand, team, & success is key.

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Illustrated logo design variations including Brick & Brass with a illustrated bull icon, Beebe with a mosaic bee icon, and Paradise Hymns with a heart icon.
Animated logo variations of Cumberland Heritage with a variety of plant themed icons, Charlotte Rose with a rose & hand illustration, and Steamhorse with a custom steam-train / horse illustration.
Animated logo variations of Palm Beach Social Diary with an illustrated monkey, Bohemian Groove on the Move, and Delikata explorations.
Animated logo variations of Apollo Connection Co, Olwen Jewelry, and Industry Alley which includes a custom anvil icon.
Animated logo variations of Composition Coffee House, Brite Lite New Neon, and the Harry Hamilton Foundation featuring a custom icon resembling Harry Hamilton.
Animated logo variations of Burn Up Company featuring a custom motorcycle illustration, Clares featuring a chicken icon, and The Corner rough explorations.

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