Completed shot of mural of butterflies and passion flowers on the front the building for Lewis Miller Design, a floral event designer in West Palm Beach.

Lewis Miller Design is a New York-based floral and event designer. With two decades of experience, LMD has grown into one of the most sought-after and well-respected multi-event production houses in the world; well known for their “Flower Flashes” found in NYC. In 2021, they expanded to a second office in West Palm Beach. Our team was contacted with an opportunity to “Flower Flash” the front of their new office with our largest mural to date. With a desire to include passion flowers, vines and butterflies, we created a motif on the front of the building to greet their customers and staff daily.

Digital painting of the mural design featuring passion flowers, vines and butterflies, before it would be painted on the front entrance of Lewis Miller Design.
Process images of the mural painting, showing the artists on the scaffolding, detail photos of the botanicals and butterflies, paint swatch colors, and paintbrushes and cans.


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