Linework animations of people working within the atmosphere of 1909, a co-working space in West Palm Beach. The animation shows people on laptops, people working around a table, their hang-out space, and their think tank whiteboard room.

Dedicated to the holistic growth of entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers by offering workspace, programs, resources, and events for the like-minded — 1909 was founded in West Palm Beach in 2018. Our collaborations with 1909 have allowed small businesses in WPB to tap into our services to better their brands through grants. We’ve had the pleasure of working with locally ran entrepreneurs through The 1909 Foundation, which aligns with our goal of providing opportunity to the locals & creatives in our city.

See below links for a few projects we’ve accomplished together through collaboration.

Salento  |  Search Appeal  |  Mestizo  |  Rust & Wax Website

While they were in process of building out their location, they needed a visual element on their website to help communicate to utilization of the space. We were brought on to create a unique stop-motion style illustrative animation of their space including their lounge, think-tank whiteboard room, meeting room, and co-working space.

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