Rust & Wax is West Palm Beach’s local record shop, which allows you to discover and expand your love of music. Originally introduced through our passion project, The Station, Rust & Wax immediately became a permanent vendor and good friend of ours. We’ve had the pleasure of watching them grow throughout the years, and eventually into their stand-alone space in Industry Alley. Our team has design various merch designs, helped art direct the interior of the space, as well as execute their exterior signage, with the goal to create an experience for all music lovers.

Black & white sticker mockups of a minimal linework illustrated record player and
A burnt orange illustration of an open skull with an a record player with a melting candle on top, with Rust & Wax logo below. Next to it is an illustrated casette tape with Rust & Wax written in hand lettering.
Photo based GIF of Rust & Wax Record Shop evolving throughout the years at Elizabeth Ave Station in West Palm Beach, FL next to Tshirt merchandise designs.
Rust & Wax illustrative record logo design explorations featuring type curving around, as well as inside of the record.
Process shots of painting the Rust & Wax storefront mural. The left image shows a projection of the artwork on the building, while the right image shows Jacqueline Christensen of Gather & Seek painting the mural.
Hand painted mural signage for Rust & Wax record shop in West Palm Beach, featuring a large illustrated record with an orange label. The logo is on a curve above, with the type Record Store flanking the sides of the record, & Buy Sell Trade is below.
Business card mock-ups featuring Rust & Wax logo in white against a dark charcoal background with a condensed type that reads
Flyer mockups for Rust & Wax Record shop in Industry Alley located in West Palm Beach. The flyer gives the business, location & contact information.

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